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New Release! Keepin’ It Real (Songs From the Real Book)

Mike has released his latest CD called Keepin’ It Real, featuring songs from the Real Book including songs by McCoy Tyner, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Duke Ellington, Clare Fischer, Oliver Nelson and Wes Montgomery. This release features guest appearances by Chris Crocco, Tom Beckham, Will Bernard, Matt King, Ron Oswanski and Anton Denner on arrangements by Mike of these great post-Bop classics. Mike recorded the entire CD on a Rickenbacher 6-string steel guitar owned by the great Sol Hoopii, one of Mike’s great influences. For more, check it out here on Bandcamp: https://mikeneer.bandcamp.com/album/keepin-it-real

Marc Meyers called Keepin’ It Real “An extraordinary jazz album you have to hear to believe.”

You can pre-order the digital album, scheduled for May/June 2021 release, here at Bandcamp: https://mikeneer.bandcamp.com/album/keepin-it-real-album-pre-order