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Buddy Emmons' "Four Wheel Drive" Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


Buddy Emmons’ Four Wheel Drive is one of the greatest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. It is an encyclopedia of st...


Herb Remington's "Sweetnin'" tab/notation (A6 tuning)


Herb Remington's composition, "Sweetnin'" is a very intoxicating little rhumba that became an instant hit for me. I have fait...


Speedy West's "Skiddle-Dee-Boo" Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


The great Speedy West wrote so many great steel guitar tunes, and this is surely one of them. This one is so good that even V...


Buddy Emmons' "Four Wheel Drive" Video/tab lesson (C6 tuning)


Buddy Emmons' Four Wheel Drive is one of the greatest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. It is an encyclopedia of stee...


Speedy West's "Afternoon Of A Swan" Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning)


I'm very proud to offer up one of the most beautiful songs ever written for steel guitar and one of my all-time favorites: Sp...


Buddy Charleton's "Almost To Tulsa" Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning high G)


Buddy Charleton's classic "Almost To Tulsa" is one of the slickest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. Written by Buddy...


Buddy Emmons' "Buddy's Boogie" Video/Tab lesson (E9 tuning)


I'm pleased to announce that Buddy Emmons' classic, "Buddy's Boogie" is now available as a downloadable video/tab package. Th...


Sol Hoopii's "12th Street Rag" Video/tab lesson (C#m7 tuning, Sol's)


Sol Hoopii's 1938 recording of "12th Street Rag" is one of his most envied performances. It is a tour-de-force, combining tec...


Gabby Pahinui's "Chloe" Video/Tab lesson (C13 tuning)


Gabby Pahinui's appearance on Ry Cooder's Chicken Skin Music turned many of us on to the wonderful sound of Hawaiian steel gu...


Gabby Pahinui's "Yellow Roses" Tab/Notation (C13 tuning)


Gabby Pahinui's performance of "Yellow Roses" on Ry Cooder's Chicken Skin Music was a real eye-opener for many of us who woul...


Bud Isaacs' "Bud's Bounce" Tab/Notation (E9 tuning)


Finally, a version of Bud's Bounce, the much-loved pedal steel guitar standard, adapted for non-pedal steel guitar! This arra...


Noel Boggs' "Tenderly" Video/Tab lesson (B11 tuning)


I'm very pleased to make this stunning version of the great standard, "Tenderly" available as a video/tab/notation lesson. Wh...